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Grand Star PM :: Investment Property Management Solutions in Brevard County

Minimize Vacancies & Maximize Your ROI

Trust Grand Star Property Management with handling your Brevard County rental home or apartment complex. Investment property management...key work "investment", you are looking for a return on your investment!

Empty homes or units can be expensive. We strive to provide a steady stream of renters, thus getting the most out of your property. Tenant retention is "the name of the game," we work to maintain a positive tenant relationships.

We handle the marketing, the tenant screening, all the paperwork and the rent collection. These services can be complete management or you choice the functions you want us to do.

We know how to keep maintenance costs down, we understand what needs attention and what a wait. Our network of vendors and contractors have all be screened and vetted, assuring you getting the best and most dependable maintenance work done to your.

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Why should I hire a property manager for my rental property?

First and obvious reason is YOUR time, if you own lots of real properties or rental units. The benefit compounds as you own more rentals and the more units they contain. Another basic reason is, you may live a good distance from the properties. We are local and can react ASAP on any issues that arises. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense (and dollars) to hire a professional property management company.

What to look for in a property management Company ?

  • How quickly do they respond to the first notification of an issue?
  • How well do they formulate a resolution to the problem?
  • Are they well suited to deal with a difficult renter?
  • What is the policy with late rent payers?
  • What kind of schedule do they maintain in regards to inspections?
  • What is the policy with late rent payers?

How much profit should I expect from my rental properties?

You obviously need to cover all the expenses of owning this property, mortgage, insurance, maintenance to name a few. Depending on the economic condition and the local competition for rentals you may have to adjust your expectation, but owning rental/investment property can be profitable.

As professional Property Managers in Brevard County, we know how to protect your investment. We know how to market your property through the best channels. You can expect to get better tenants that stay longer and have less damage and repairs to deal with.

What can Grand Star PM do for me?

Investment property management can be a time consuming endeavor. There is always the need to marketing, track rent payments, late fees collection, handling complaints, finding and scheduling repairs, preparing the property for new tenants. Let Grand Star Property Management take the load off you! Call us today.